What is BOAS?

This sofisticated booking system will allow you a full reservation managementand a simple booking for your end-users.

BOAS – a unique system that allows the tour operator company:

Partners automatically bring prices in their programs online;
Automatically update and change prices with just “one click”;
Allocate quotas and allotment commitment with automatic tracking online;
Exchange data with bookings online;
Keep a balance with partners online.
In other words, Boas can bring your company to a new level of technology.

Accomodation will be categorized according to basic classification such as; stars, type of rooms, meals, prices and other information relevant for renting accommodation.

What the system offers?

BOAS works as a two way service program; for hotels/tourist agencies and for the end-users who will use it for booking. It offers partner program in a way that partners save time, money and have a complete control over their reservation analytics. Through BOAS you can have a stable and proffesional booking serviceadjusted to your business.

The system will use modules (different plugins for each partner) that willsyncronize information from your website and import it automaticly into BOAS. You as a renter will be able to define a price for each room, time period, number of persons and type of pansion.

System components

BOAS is containted of Website Area and System Application Area. When user comes on Website area, he will the see official website of the System with defined features [subpages, links, logins, change language option…].

That will make System with different user experiences depending on who is logged in [different administrators]. The basic idea is to develop same interfaces with different privileges [such as Add, Delete, Update/Edit].

Who can use it?

BOAS is made for accomodation renters who need a reliable partner in order to raise their business to the higher level. Hotels, tourist agencies and all sort of accomodation renters can now easily managetheir reservation process.

The system is designed for tour operators, host companies and accommodation facilities, integrating all segments of the tourism business. Finally, Boas is designed for the end-user to form a bond B2B2C. Simply said, when your potential customer gets a ticket to his agency, the system automatically “catches” all the necessary services, and book at the designated partners. At the same time you avoid a huge process of manual or semi-automatic bookings, which takes a lot of time and effort. The system is suitable for tour operators – up to ten or thousands of people. Host companies can also use this system for the organization of tours, transfers and excursions, including a reservation system.