Rogaška Slatina is distinguished by its four-hundred-year tradition, healing springs of the globally renowned and recognized mineral water Donat Mg, a leading medical centre, and a clean natural environment, peace, and hospitality of the local people.

At Medical Center Rogaška, which is the foundation of the spa offer in Rogaška Slatina, the health of our guests lies in the hands of leading and renowned experts: specialists in gastroenterology, cardiologists, internists, dermatologists, urologists, orthopaedists, specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine, aesthetic plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, nurses, and masseurs. Their work is supported by unique natural resources and state-of-the-art equipment.

Rehabilitation of gastroenterological patients
Specialist clinics and diagnostics
Beaty – around us, within us and on us
Balneology – a natural wonder
Physiotherapy – a healing energy
Acupuncture – achieving health through health points
The healing power of the Donat Mg mineral water


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